Teen Programs Abroad

All of our programs feature a homestay with a host family. We look forward to connecting you with a host abroad who is excited to meet you!

Are you looking for a summer program or a semester/academic year program? Do you want a program with language classes and activities or a full immersion experience with a host family?

Full Summer Immersion programs

Put your language skills to the test as you become a member of a host family and their local community for a few weeks. We recommend this program for students who have studied at least two or three years of a language and are mature, open-minded, and ready to connect.

Group programs

Travel with a group and an experienced bilingual chaperone. Live with a host family and reconnect with the group at the end for a 2 - 3 day tour. These programs are eligible for our scholarship

Individual Programs

Travel independently and be met at the airport in your destination country. A good option if you intend to use frequent flyer miles for airfare. You will have the support of the bilingual program staff abroad.

Programs with classes and activities

If you'd like a program with structure or you are not quite as confident in your language skills, we recommend a program with weekday language classes, cultural activities, and excursions. For these programs, you'll attend a language school with students from around the world.

Program locations

Semester & Academic Year Programs

Take your language skills to the next level by attending a high school in Spain or France for a Semester or a full Academic Year. You'll live with a host family in the school community as you experience life as a student abroad.

Program Locations

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