Work together to lower the fees for everyone in the group or apply your fundraising to a scholarship program for your group! We are invested in supporting your fundraising efforts...and you just might be surprised to discover that your community is, too!

Many people remember their own experiences abroad and would like to support you as you build global citizenship skills.

Set a fundraising schedule

Create a fundraising committee with parents in your group, then set a goal and a schedule.


1) How do you want to apply the funds? Do you want to support a scholarship program or do you want funds raised to be applied equally to lower the price for everyone in the group?

2) What's your fundraising goal? What will this accomplish? How can you communicate this goal to your community?

Get Seasonal

This winter, hold a wreath sale, staff a gift-wrap station at a local store, or make themed ornaments to sell to help raise funds for the trip.

Last year, the group From Mount Tabor Middle School raised more than $2000 for the group through their wreath sale.

In the spring, think car washes, garden parties, and garage sales.

We'll help you put together a customized payment page so you can take orders and collect payments online that are automatically applied toward your group.

Make Merry

Create a pop-up restaurant and put on a themed dinner for members of your community.

Try your hand at making pastries and hold a bake sale at a school or community event.

Any musicians in your group? Hold a themed musical event and sell tickets.

Get Connected

Connect with a local restaurant or grocery stores in your community and ask if they would support you through a giving day.

A few years ago, Whole Foods supported ANDEO and the Sunnyside trip to Nicaragua through their 5% giving day program.

These types of Giving Days bring people into the stores while supporting local nonprofits at the same time. It's win-win!